Cleaning for Infection Control Clinidet is formulated to clean Surgical instruments - for dental and medical applications. A dynamic cleaner for your instrument, devices and hard surfaces throughout the clinic. Clini-Soak is a unique pre-wash detergent designed to prevent blood and body fluids from drying onto the surface of instruments prior to washing. CliniJet is a powerful solution specifically formulated for the Effectively Cleaning and Disinfecting of dental aspiration / suction line systems. Plasdet Clinical Detergent Family Plasdet is a clinical detergent specially formulated for cleaning the most sensitive surfaces including plastics, vinyl, and rubber found on Dental Chairs, Respiratory Apparatus and beyond.
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Hatmed 23L Air Cooling Autoclave Hatmed Large Capacity Water Cooling Autoclave Hatmed 10L Fast Autoclave
Atom Series Autoclave
Hatmed 5L Fast Autoclave
Atom Series Autoclave
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Stet Sterilisation Devices The first desktop apparatus that will sanitise a stethoscope. Designed to ensure hygience and assist in the eradication of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) and Clinic Acquired Infections (CAI). Thanks to the innovative use of UV-C. More details Wearable STET Sanitisation The world’s first wearable automatic device for stethoscope sanitization. More details STETCUBE: The first desktop appliance for stethoscope sanitisation STETCLEAN 2

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