Product Range Update Majac Healthcare has been instructed to remove all of the other brand Cleaning Products and Disinfectants previously distributed by Majac Healthcare from our website.

Our apologies to Kim Gaul & Mike Keogh the Directors of Quality Medical Innovations Pty Ltd. (QMI). Majac Healthcare was not aware the information was defamatory or misleading.

We say “thank you” to our loyal customers that are supporting us through this difficult period.

Our website is being changed over the next few weeks as we modify our product range.

Stet Sterilisation Devices The first desktop apparatus that will sanitise a stethoscope. Designed to ensure hygience and assist in the eradication of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) and Clinic Acquired Infections (CAI). Thanks to the innovative use of UV-C. More details Wearable STET Sanitisation The world’s first wearable automatic device for stethoscope sanitization. More details STETCUBE: The first desktop appliance for stethoscope sanitisation STETCLEAN 2

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