iCardio View ECG for Apple Ipad IOS **Popular**

iCardioView ECG for Apple iPad iOS. The Apple iPad based ECG. Brilliant intuitive software with quick easy reports.

  • Simultaneous 12-Lead ECG 
  • Automatic Measurements and Interpretations 
  • Filters: Low Pass (different setting) 
  • Baseline Wander 
  • Motion Artifact 
  • Report: Blue Tooth Printer or PDF upload 
  • ECG Recorder Specification Sampling Rate: A/D: 24K SPS/Ch 
  • Recording: 1K SPS/Ch Patient Multi-Channel Synchronous A/D. 
  • Adult & Neonatal Mode 
  • Communication: Bluetooth

It’s more than an ECG Machine

You miss nothing

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AMBU White Sensors

Short-term Monitoring White Sensor

Code: AM-WS-00-S/50

Ambu White Sensor electrodes are an alternative range of ECG electrodes that have been designed for basic monitoring and standard resting ECG applications.

Their quality and design adequately fulfils the requirements of these products. White Sensor electrodes are well suited for fast placement in short term monitoring applications.

AMBU Blue Sensors

Resting ECG – 12-lead ECG

Resting or 12-lead ECG is performed as a routine in many hospital departments, eg: Accident/Emergency and Cardiac Care Units. This is the most common type of test and is used to register a diagnostic ECG to help detect conditions such as blocks, hypertrophy, or post myocardial infarction morphologies

Short-term Monitoring and Stress Test

A Stress Test is a diagnostic procedure performed in Cardiology Departments and Clinical Investigations Departments, to give Cardiologists more information about how the heart functions during exercise.

It is mostly carried out on patients with known or suspected heart disease or angina, to determine the severity and possible requirement for further treatment. Short-term monitoring is typically done continuously in Operating Rooms and Emergency situations, to ensure any problems are quickly identified and rectified.

Paediatric Monitoring

Paediatric monitoring is performed continuously on children who need special treatment in Paediatric Intensive Care Units. Cardiac patients may also require diagnostic procedures, such as Holter and Stress test.

Main Benefits of Ambu Blue Sensor Electrodes

  • Excellent trace quality
    The Blue Sensor design with offset connector and wet gel ensures clear recordings for a precise diagnosis.
  • Superior adhesion
    Blue Sensor electrodes have an excellent adhesive, so the electrodes stay securely in place throughout the procedure, even when the patient is moving.

Fast and easy to use
The soft foam backing material is gentle on the skin, and allows fast and easy placement and removal of electrodes. The offset connector allows a gentle and easy connection

Holter – Event Recording and Long-term Monitoring

Holter monitoring is a long-term diagnostic procedure that is carried out on ambulatory patients who experience episodic palpitations or arhythmias. Event Recording is a diagnostic monitoring procedure that is performed over  an extended time on patients who experience transient or infrequent arrhythmias.

Long-term monitoring is typically performed continuously in Intensive Care Units, Neonatal Intensive Care Units, High Dependency Units, and Coronary Care Units. Some patients stay for extended periods and will require continuous ECG monitoring. All minor details of the ECG trace will be investigated as they may be indicators for cardiac problems.

Main Benefits of Ambu Blue Sensor Electrodes


The Blue Sensor design with offset connector and wet gel ensures clear recordings for a precise diagnosis.

  • Superior adhesion

Blue Sensor electrodes have a double ring adhesive to ensure they stay firmly in place during long-term procedures.

  • Skin care

The soft weave of the backing material allows the skin to breathe, which is important as it minimizes the occurrence of skin reactions. The microporous backing is also exceptionally comfortable to wear over longer periods of time.

Norav 1200M

Norav 1200M 12 Lead PC-ECG

  • Paper less ECG – fully integrated with Medical Director
  • A contribution to environmental sustainability -at ever more convenience!
  • Interpretive high resolution ECG – one step ahead in Electrocardiography!

Sofware Features

  • Easy interface to Medical Director and other EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and HIS (Hospital Information Systems)
  • Measurement and interpretation included.
  • Simultaneous 12 lead high resolution digital ECG processing
  • Comprehensive display and printout for caliper QRS and ECG measurements
  • Advanced digital filters for real-time and stored ECGs to create exemplary ECG traces
  • Plain paper print-out to local or network printers
  • Enabled for post processing of saved data
  • DICOM Interoperability,
  • Export ECG test results into formats: PDF, HL7, Jpeg, XML, SCP
  • Optional: NEMS (Norav ECG Management System)
  • Compatible with Windows XP©, Vista© and Windows 7© (32 & 64 bit)