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A New Look for Majac

Majac is very pleased to launch its new brand logo – Majac Healthcare Innovation.  The new device combines some of the themes from the original identity which has been in market for approximately 15 years.  Company Director James Keogh explains, “The market and our business is evolving rapidly, we are excited about this and knew it was time to introduce a fresh look for our brand.  We always have, and always will be 100% focused on innovation for our customers, so we wanted something that communicated that in a contemporary way”.  The new logo has layers of symbolism integrated into its design based on medical and healthcare advancement, biology, growth and progress.  A key part of its design is that there is a star as a central focal point.  “The star traditionally has been a powerful symbol of aspiration, and in a functional sense, of guidance and navigation”, Mr Keogh notes, “Its what we are about as an organisation, helping our customers strive to be the very best they can be by providing support and guidance with the provision of world-class products and services”.