Consulting Services & Training

Below are individuals that Majac Heathcare supports as providers of accurate, standards-compliant education and support in the field of Infection Control:


Practice Base Solutions – Sue Sandles.

Sue has over 42 years experience in the dental industry as a Dental Representative, Dental Nurse and both clinical and Practice Manager. Sue has her Certificate IV Dental Assisting/Radiography and Certificate IV Training and Assessment. Sue also teaches Dental Assisting. Sue is also an International Speaker. Contact: 0416 263 193.


Sterilisation / Infection Control Consultancy – Lin Lochead.

Mrs Lin Lochead B.Sc. is a Sterilising Consultant with a nursing background, has completed the Sterilising Technology course and has a degree in Biological Sciences. She is a member of the committee to write the Australian Standard AS/NZS4187:2014 and AS/NZS4815:2006 and is the author of three handbooks on Disinfection, Sterilisation and Infection Control for Medical, Dental and Podiatry practices. Contact: Rhys – 0405 155 363 / Email – [email protected] / Mail– PO Box 750, Tweed Heads NSW 2485.


Steam Consulting  – Terry McAuley.

Terry started this business back in the early 1990’s when she realised that there was a huge need for education and information on the underpinning principles that support the day to day practices in Sterilising Services.  This coupled with the realisation that many CSSD processes also required an understanding of logistics management, in addition to a high level of managerial skills required to support the staff and communicate with executive managers gave rise to the acronym that forms the business name – Sterilisation Training Education And Management [STEAM] Consulting.   Contact: 0438 109 692 / Email – [email protected] / Mail – PO Box 779, Endeavour Hills VIC 3802.


Dental Assistants Professional Association (DAPA)

Our qualified team are available to visit your practice and conduct a 2 or 3 hour session covering all topics relevent to your practice. As this is in-house training at your premises for all staff, it means that everyone is involved and you do not lose precious time travelling to courses which may not suit your practice operations. We design a course for your specific type of dentistry and the equipment that you use each day in your clinic. Through this customised training, staff and practitioners gain knowledge and an understanding of infection control compliance as it is implemented in your surgery.