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Clinicol & Vibactum – Discontinued – Reason

I am writing to inform you that the supply of Disinfectants Vibactum and Clinicol – Hospital Grade Disinfectants – have been discontinued and apologise for the protracted announcement.

The reason is that our supply partner Quality Medical Innovations Pty Ltd has informed us that  the products are non-compliant to the TGA requirements and have been removed from the TGA listing.

This is extremely disappointing to us as in the beginning both were Hospital Grade Disinfectants and registered on the ARTG. For some reason QMI allowed them to be removed.

Recently with the advent of COVID-19 we were asked by some clients for evidence of the products being on the ARTG or on the TGA listings as Hospital Grade Disinfectants.

The information supplied by QMI was not acceptable to Majac Medical Products Pty Ltd or some of our Distributors because it would appear that both Disinfectants have “No Specific Claims” and cannot be recommended for use in a clinical environment.

Majac Healthcare has removed all the products sponsored by and manufactured by QMI – Symbio from our catalogue. 

Majac has been advised that QMI and Symbio have formed an alliance (qmi.symbio) announcing a new sole Distribution Partnership and I urge you to consider carefully any offer presented by this Strategic Partnership as there are legal complications around this agreement, Trade Names and the Formulae.

Both Vibactum & Clinicol will be replaced within a short time.

Should you require any assurance of the continued support of Majac Medical Products then please do not hesitate to contact me at our office.

Stay Safe………Mike

Michael Keogh – Director