Airway Resuscitation


The Airway Resuscitation Kit

Think of the stressfulness that emergency situa always cause. There is no time to be wasted. You want to focus on the pa ent. You have to collect all the devices needed to help. Precious time can be lost.

The YeescopeTM Airway Resuscitation Kit helps you keeping focus. There is no need to find all the necessary devices for airway resuscitation. They are all ready in a single case.


Contents: QTY
YeescopeTM Laryngoscopes 2
Endotracheal Tubes (cuffed) 2
Intuba  ng Stylet 1
Laryngeal Mask Airways 2
Cuff Syringe 1
Oropharyngeal Airways 2
Resuscitation Bag 1
Face Masks 2
Scalpel Handle and Blade 1
Water Soluble Lubricant 1
Powder free gloves (pair) 3
Adhesive Tape (roll) 1
Linen Tie (metre) 1


Item Order Number Carton QTY
ARK Airway Resuscitation Kit AN010004 1


Peace of mind for all critical situations

  • In hospital theatres and on wards
  • In aged care and the community
  • In shopping centres and public transport