Malachite – AMC Echo Cardio Examination Couch: 2 Section (AMC2540)

All Majac Healthcare Examination Couches / Tables are made from quality components and are manufactured here in Australia.


Malachite  – AMC Echo Cardio Examination Couch: 2 Section (AMC2540) – Echocardiography examination table.

A high quality unit specifically designed to enhance patient-doctor interaction for echo sonographers and cardiologists.


  • The AMC 2540 Examination Table has fully motorised movements of both height and backrest with a gas ram assisted echo drop down flap
  • The couch is supplied with a foot switch control for hands free operation.
  • Easy access under couch for lifting machine arms.
  • High quality medical grad vinyl that complies with quality assurance system ISO 9001.


  • Australian steel.
  • Back rest tilt 75 degree.
  • Width: 660mm.
  • Length: 2000 mm.
  • Height adjustment: 550mm – 1000mm.
  • Lifting Capacity: 200kg.
  • Wheels: 125mm with brakes.

Optional Extras:

  • Extra width.
  • Fold down side rail.
  • Paper roll holder.
  • Central wheel locking.
  • Head cushion.
  • Bambach saddle seat-no back.
  • Operators stool or Ergo chair.

Product Downloads

Download the AMC Echo Cardio Examination Couch 2 Section Brochure