AQUASORB – The Super Absorbent Lint Free Microfibre Towel

Aquasorb is one of the world’s most advanced fabrics – a super towel.  Using the latest technology, it has been developed to be incredibly absorbent, lint free, soft, fine, and yet almost indestructible.


AQUASORB – One of the World’s Most Advanced Fabrics

Advantages of AQUASORB:

  • Non-Linting –
    Manufactured from a bi-component knitted microfibre nylon/polyester material that does not shed lint.
  • Super Absorbent –
    Microfibre will absorb 315% of its own weight without dripping.
  • Durable –
    May be processed and used repeatedly, works in harmony with moisture repellent drapes.
  • Gentle –
    Made from the highest quality superfine microfibers.
  • Washable –
    Can be processed many times through a commercial linen service or in-house washer.
  • Autoclavable –
    Can be steam sterilized at 134 degrees celsius.

Universal Uses of Aquasorb Microfiber Towel

  • The perfect bench top drying platform and instrument drying towel.
  • An ideal instrument tray liner.
  • Super absorbent hand towel.
  • Inner wrap for “difficult to dry” items or wraps.
  • Perfect for cleaning glass or lenses.
  • Absorbent and gentle patient face washer.

Order information:

AQ1 Small 55 x 22.5 cm pack of 10
AQ2 Medium 55 x 42.5 cm pack of 10
AQ3 Large 65 x 50.0 cm pack of 10
AQ4 Towel 120 x 75 cm each

Please note: AQ3 is the most popular size for most Clinics.

Product Download

Download the Aquasorb Brochure

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