Batch Control Helix Test – Plasma

Helix devices and their indicators are designed to monitor the Sterilizer’s parameters during each cycle.  Testing each batch ensures that correct Sterilization is occurring.


The Sterintech™ Batch Control Helix Test with PTFE Helix with a 0,3 mtr long tube can be used to test the performance of the plasma sterilizer during each cycle.

Helix devices and their indicators have proven that they detect failures during each cycle. From leakages, too less plasma, overloading, time and vacuum issues and forms a simple aid to release your load securely.

The Helix is consisting of a 30 cm long tube with an internal diameter of 2mm which is the average of maximum internal lumen which can be sterilized effectively by plasma sterilizers (single open end)


  • Conform to ISO 11140 – 1: 2014 Type 2
  • Clear transition of color into yellow
  • Easy to interpret
  • Easy to document
  • Non-Toxic / Lead Free
  • Can be fully recycled
  • Helix guaranteed to min. 100 cycles

REF: 103.020.0100 BCHT Plasma, Indicator: Type 2 Red to Yellow, 100 indicators