Bowie Dick Helix Test – Hollow A

Sterintech is one of the world’s leading producers of sterilisation process challenge devices (PCD) and are produced to conform to European Standards ISO 11140 – 1 Type 2 – EN 867 part 5 class B.

The Sterintech Bowie Dick and Batch Control Helix Devices are designed to an accurate test for the effectiveness of all Class “B” Sterilizers.


Bowie & Dick Helix Test …Hollow Load “A” (For Class “B” Sterilizers)

Helix devices & indicators are proven to detect sterilizer failures much earlier than other types of chemical indicators or integrators.

The Standard, EN 285 – Amendment A2: 2009, specifies that the Helix test (Hollow A) is to be used as a Bowie-Dick Test when sterilizing Hollow Loads.

The test is obligatory for class “B” Bench Top Steam sterilizers as per Australian / New Zealand Standards 4815.



• Indicator marked with red printing for identification
• Conforms to ISO 11140 – 1 class 2 – EN 867 part 5 class B
• Clear transition of colour Blue to Pink
• Easy to interpret – Easy to document – Non-Toxic / Lead Free


REF: 101.201.0100 1,5 mtr tube 100 indicators/box
REF: 101.201.0250 1,5 mtr tube 250 indicators/box