Bowie Dick Helix Test (PCD) – Stainless Steel

Sterintech is one of the world’s leading producers of sterilisation process challenge devices (PCD). Produced in Europe, these Stainless Steel Bowie Dick Helix Devices are designed to be a 100% accurate test for the effectiveness of your Sterilizer/ Autoclave. Testing is required each morning as per Australian & New Zealand Standards for Infection Control.


Checks your sterilizer for various load types…

The Sterintech Bowie Dick Helix Test with Stainless Steel Helix and 4 mtr long tube can be used as Bowie Dick test for both load types: Hollow and Porous Loads.

Helix devices and their indicators have proven that they detect failures during each cycle. From leakages, bad steam conditions, non-condensable gases, time and temperature issues and forms a simple aid to release your load securely.


✦ Conform to ISO 11140 – 1 class 2
✦ Clear transition of colour into black
✦ Easy to interpret
✦ Easy to document
✦ Non-Toxic / Lead Free

REF: 101.003.0100 SS Helix with 4 mtr tube         Unit: 100 indicators

REF: 101.004.0250 SS Helix with 4 mtr tube         Unit: 250 indicators

REF: 101.005.0500 Refill Set with Only Indicators  Unit: 500 indicators

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