Chifa Endotontics


A set of endodontic micro instruments for removing broken canal instruments by Dr Gończkowski.

Doctor of Medical Sciences, dental surgeon, Krzysztof Gończowski Endodontics and Dentistry Specialist INDEXMEDICA S.A., Kraków

A graduate of Jagielloński University in Kraków. In the years 2001 – 2008, he worked as an assistant lecturer and lecturer at the Institute of Dentistry CMUJ ( the Faculty of Introduction to Noninvasive Dentistry and Integrated Dentistry, Laboratory of Noninvasive Dentistry and Endodontics ).Since 2001, he has been working in a private dentistry practice in Kraków. In 2005, he was awarded the title of Doctor of Medical Sciences, and in 2008 he was awarded the title of the specialist in Noninvasive Dentistry and Endodontics. Twice he travelled to Germany on scientific scholarships: at Koln University and Munich University . Since 2005, he has been giving lectures and conducting practical trainings for dental surgeons in Poland and around the world ( he lectured in over 30 countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa ) on endodontics, anesthesia and medical rescue. He is a member of Polish and international scientific societies: PTS ( Polish Dentistry Society ), PTE ( Polish Endodontics Society ), IADR (International Association for Dental Research ), ERC ( European Resuscitation Council ). He has published over 35 scientific papers in Polish and foreign dentistry magazines. He has received umerous awards for his scientific research. Among others, he was two times awarded CED Travel Stipend ( IADR ) and Expertise Talent Award Europe for Young Scientists. In 2010, he designed a system of endodontic micro instruments for removing broken instruments from root canals (FRS – File Removal System ® ,Chifa ). He is one of the authors of ENDO – STATION ® system ( Cerkamed ) meant for the washing of root canals.