Clini-Soak – Medical & Dental Instrument Pre-Wash Foam “UNTIL SOLD”

The Ultimate Pre-Wash Foam Cleaner/Preserver for Medical & Dental Instruments.


Preserve and Clean……..It’s now ok to have your soiled instruments wait up to 7 hours until cleaning.

Clini-Soak is a unique pre-wash detergent designed to prevent blood and body fluids from drying onto the surface of instruments prior to washing. Clini-Soak maintains a moist hygroscopic layer on the soiled instruments going to work immediately to solubilise and lift bio-soil from the instrument surface.

  • Clini-Soak Prevents blood and biological soils from drying onto instrument surfaces.
  • Clini-Soak is pH optimized and suitable for all instruments. Compatible with a wide range of materials including plastic, rubber & fabrics.
  • Clini-Soak improves the cleaning process and staff efficiency.
  • Bacteriostatic formulation helps prevent bacterial growth on contaminated instruments.
  • Free rinsing.

Order information (code):

CSK-500-6 Clini-Soak 500ml Foam Dispenser 6 Pack
CSK-500-1 Clini-Soak 500ml Foam Dispenser Single Bottle

Product Downloads

Download the Clini-Soak Brochure Here..


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