CliniJet – The Ultimate Aspiration / Suction Line Cleaner & Disinfectant

CliniJet is a powerful solution specifically formulated for the effective cleaning and disinfecting of dental aspiration / suction line systems.

It is powerful, safe, economical, and highly effective.


How do you most effectively clean and disinfect your dental suction lines and at an economical price?  

CliniJet® – DS (Daily)

CliniJet Daily should be used each day as part of the routine cleaning of aspiration lines to remove the bio-burden from the lumen of the drainage lines.

Passes the TGA Disinfectant Test Option B. It’s highly effective cleaner incorporating an advanced de-foaming formulation for repeat sanitation of the aspiration lines. It Incorporates unique de-foaming surfactants that ensure detergency of contaminating soils and penetration of the biofilm.
Mild alkaline auxiliary agents enhance the activity of the sanitising agents and aid in the solubilization of proteins and soils.

CliniJet® – WS (Weekly)

CliniJet-Weekly should be used once or twice per week as part of the routine maintenance & sanitation of aspiration lines & will enhance the removal of bio-burden.

Highly effective sanitizer will remove all soils that are resistant to other detergents.
Incorporates unique de-foam surfactants that will penetrate the bio-film and contaminated soils.
Mildly acidic de-scale agents – based on natural Lactic acid and Citric acid – are incorporated for their excellent compatibility with metal, plastic and rubber components.

Important to Know:

CliniJet does not include Phenol substances. We recognise that this incredibly dangerous liquid is still being used by some of the most popular brands.

ClinJet cleans and kills viruses and bacteria in your dental lines yet is safe for your equipment, the environment, your staff and your patients. It meets all the required AN / NZ  and EU Standards.

If you would like a complimentary sample to see how effective it is, please let us know.


Order Information:

CJDS5 5 litre plastic container – Daily – DS
CJDS15 15 litre plastic container – Daily – DS
CJWS1 1 litre bottle – Weekly – WS
CJP 25 ml pump to fit 5 litre bottle

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