CliniSorb – Super Absorbent Granules


Super Absorbent Granules for the Sanitary Disposal of Liquid Medical Waste

The safe removal of Medical Waste is dramatically simplified using Clini-Sorb super absorbent granules.

Just apply to spills for easy clean-up of blood, vomit, urine or any other liquid bio-hazardous material. The granules will solidify the solution into a gel.

A Revolutionary product to safely solidify liquid biohazard spills

Retains fluid under external pressure, unlike sponges, tissues or powdered minerals.

Safe – contains an anti-bacterial agent for safe handling

Super Absorbent – absorbs 30 times its own weight immediately (200g of Clini-Sorb will absorb 6 Litres of liquid)

Solidifies fluids into a gel quickly & effectively for easy disposal

Designed for use in:

Health Care Centres, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Medical Practices, Dental Practices, Ambulance Services, First Aid Rooms, Schools, Hotels and all public facilities

Ideal for:

Schools, Hotels, Motels, Public Transport Vehicles, Home Health Care and the Work Place.

order information:

CS200 200g plastic “easy pour” container
CS45-1 45g sachet
CS45-12 Carton of 12 x 45g sachet

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