INHIBIT Pre-Wash Clinical Detergent Foam

Stops Bacterial growth on contaminated instruments


Pre-Wash Foam Cleaner For Surgical Instruments

INHIBIT is a unique pre-wash foam detergent formulated to prevent blood and body fluids drying onto the instrument & devices prior to washing.

INHIBIT maintains a moist hygroscopic layer on the soiled instruments which immediately begins to solubilise and lift the bio-soil from the surfaces.

  • INHIBIT prevents blood and biological soils from drying onto the surface of instruments and devices.
  • INHIBIT is pH optimized and suitable for all instruments and is safe to apply to a wide range of materials to include plastics, rubber & fabrics.
  • INHIBIT improves staff efficiency and improves the cleaning process.
  • INHIBIT is a “free rinsing” detergent.

Order Information:

INH-500-6 500ml Foam Dispenser 6 pack
INH-500-1 Foam Dispenser Single Bottle