DentiVac – Foam-Free Daily Sanitiser / Cleaner **NEW**

DentiVac  is a powerful effective Dental Aspiration & Suction Line Cleaner


Powerful Effective Suction Line Cleaner

Use once or twice per day as part of the routine maintenance of cleaning & sanitation of aspiration lines. Assists the removal of bioburden from the lines.

Preventative Maintenance of Dental Aspiration Systems

Routine cleaning is an essential part of maintaining your aspiration line in top condition and ensuring effective trouble-free operation.

Sanitation of the waste system is essential to maintaining an efficient aspiration system. The Cleaning and Sanitising will protect patients and staff from potentially hazardous microorganisms.

A daily mild alkaline sanitiser/cleaner (DentiVac) will clean protein and bio soils from the lines while eliminating bacteria before they can form biofilms which may constrict the lumen in the lines, adding strain to the pumps.

A nil foaming cleaner/sanitiser is important to maintain the efficiency of the pumps and traps. Sanitising & Cleaning every day prevents the build-up of bacterial growth (biofilm) which can trap other debris.

No toxic or corrosive chlorine

  • Safe for operators
  • Gentle on equipment
  • Kind to the environment

Corrosion inhibitor

  • Protects metal surfaces


  • Neutralizes bacterial contamination adhering to the inner surfaces of the suction unit.

Powerful Surfactants

  • Washes the entire length of the aspiration line

Penetrates biosoil

Highly buff­ered

  • Ensures the washing solution maintains the optimal pH throughout the entire length of the tube, effectively cleaning from start to finish

Order Information:

DV5 5 litre plastic container
DV15 15 litre drum
 DVP  25 ml pump to fit 5 litre container

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