Erka Aneroid & Mercurial


Sphygmomanometers or Blood Pressure machines as they are also commonly known from the top manufacturers including MAC and ERKA. Durable and reliable, the ERKA Aneroid Sphygmomanometers include a lifetime free calibration check (Available only to non hospital/non institutional customers).

We also offer repair and maintenance services for all other brands of sphygmomanometers. Equipment downtime can be minimised by taking advantage of our mobile service unit for on-site calls to maintain the performance requirements of a busy clinical practice.

Basic Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

  • Black enamel 300 mmHg no stop pin manometer
  • Velcro cuff, complete with bladder, bulb and valve
  • Chrome plated deflation valve
  • One-handed use, suitable for both right and left hands
  • Range 0-300 mmHg
  • Complete with leatherette zipped case

Mercurial Sphygmomanometer

  • Rugged die cast housing
  • Graduated glass tube, features 4 mm inside bore for unrestricted mercury flow
  • High visible red graduations
  • Locking mercury reservoir for maintenance and transportation
  • Nylon, velcro cuff, bladder, bulb and valves included
  • 8 foot (when extended) of coiled tubing
  • Nickel plated air release valve
  • 4 or 5 castor stand (on trolley model)
  • Telescopic pole (on trolley model)
  • Basket for cuff storage (on trolley model)

Erka Vario Aneroid Sphyg

  • High quality precision manometer
  • Diameter of scale 150 mm, with mirrored exterior ring
  • Scale inclined by 12B:
  • Housing made of high quality ABS in signal white/light-grey
  • Non-reflective manometer glass
  • Cuff basket in powder-coated steel
  • Inflation bulb with sensitive adjustable screw reduction valve

The Vario basic model combines with simple accessories for universal use:

  • Desk model
  • Wall model with swivel motion
  • Rail-mounted model with swivel motion
  • Stand model on 5 castors