Hatmed 23L Air Cooling Autoclave

The ideal solution to meet the increasing sterilisation needs of a busy practice. Fully Automatic, B Class Steriliser with S Class Cycles provides the heavy-duty internal components necessary to meet the latest EU and Australian Standards.


Air cooling series, Best Value choice

Equipped with German vacuum pump, which can achieve vacuum level as low as -0.92bar, Hatmed air cooling autoclaves feature thorough sterilization and can pass challenging Helix Test. Precise temperature and pressure control all over the chamber protects delicate instruments; High standard manufacturing process, robust and durable; Optimal feature sets meet various sterilization need and offer best value choice to dental clinics.

Features & Advantages

Imported parts and powerful performance

Air cooling series autoclaves are equipped with chosen parts from all over the world, vacuum pump and temperature Sensor from German, solenoid valve from Italia and more. These parts ensure the best performance and fast turnover of instruments, meeting the need of a busy clinic.

Optimal Drying – Air Cooling

Air cooling series autoclaves generate saturated steam which ensures maximum steam penetration throughout the entire load and achieve optimal drying result even for cotton textile load.

High Sterility Assurance Level

Powered by German vacuum pump capable for achieving vacuum level of -0.92bar, Hatmed air cooling autoclaves extract air from hollow or porous loads and fill them with saturated steam, thus ensure effective sterilization and avoid risk of infection.

Patented Steam Generator

Patented design features saturated steam generation in very short time. 100% stainless steel guarantees reliability by avoiding rust and corrosion that causes clog and malfunction.

Imported Parts

  • German Vacuum Pump

German vacuum pump provides superior performance – vacuum level as low as – 0.92bar, and ensures fast speed, sufficient drying and sterilization quality.

  • Stainless Steel IPC Steam Generator

100% made of stainless steel and highly resistant to corrosion it is designed for generating pure steam and protect the instruments. Novel structure ensures both efficiency and steam quality.

  • Italian Industrial Solenoid Value

More reliable and durable compared to regular consumer level products.

  • German Temperature Sensor
  • American Press Sensor
  • German Liquid Level Sensor
  • Swiss Flowmeter


Model Q70B
Vol 23L
Screen LCD liquid crystal display
Door Lock Electrical Safety Door
Device Dimensions 450mm(W)x470mm(H)x680mm(D)
Chamber Dimensions 253mmx460mm
Weight 65KG
Power 220V/50HZ/2500W
Data Interface USB/RS232
Printer Build-in/External Printer (Optional)
Tray 3 Layers Tray (5 Layer Tray is available)

Hatmed Q70B 23L Air Cooling Autoclave Brochure

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