Hatmed 5L Fast Autoclave – Atom Series Autoclave

These rockets can process a B Class Sterilisation Cycle in 11 Minutes! Innovative rectangular chamber with 57% more capacity compared to around chamber with the same cross-sectional area. Ideal for Dental and Specialist Clinics that require a physically small, high performance sterilisation solution. 


The new generation fast B-class autoclave

Atom series autoclave, is a new generation of fast B class autoclaves that come with “Pre-vacuum air removal” and “Vacuum drying”. It meets EU class B standard and is the right choice for hollow instruments, implant and other high infection risk instruments. This revolutionary B class autoclave expands the applicable areas of fast autoclave to more instrument type and more clinical applications. Having dedicated ourselves in the designing and manufacturing of the Atom series for 3 years, Hatmed team aims to open a new era of fast autoclave. “Fast + Pre-vacuum + Drying” are achieved at the same time in the Atom series, meeting fast sterilization needs of various medical institutions, and set a new standard for infection control solution.

Innovative rectangle shaped chamber, small size, big capacity

Small size with big capacity, the rectangle shaped chamber offers extra space for trays at a fraction of the size of a round chamber, especially suitable for implant instruments and tool boxes which need fast turnover.

57% Extra Capacity

The innovative rectangle shaped chamber makes full use of its space while its conventional round shaped counterpart wastes 30% of chamber space. The 10L Atom series autoclave has almost the same effective sterilization capacity as conventional 18L round chamber autoclave. Capacity of rectangle shaped chamber equals to 1.57 times of conventional round chamber with the same cross section.

Fast Autoclave, Offer more than speed


As expected, Atom series autoclaves are fast beyond imagination. All sterilization programs are within 10-15 minutes and include “Pre-vacuum air removal” and “Vacuum Drying”, enabling quick turnover of instruments, especially for handpieces, scaler handles, implant handpieces and implant tools.

Not only “Fast” but also “Pre-Vacuum”

Three times pre-vacuuming quickly removes the cold air inside hollow instruments such as handpieces and scaler, which results in steam fully penetration into instruments. This not only ensures the sterilization quality throughout the instruments and prevents harm to the instruments by uneven heat.

Not only “Pre-vacuum” but also “Drier”

Vacuum drying avoids high temperature and toxic environment that harms instruments as by conventional hot air drying, and ensures perfect drying for wrapped instruments.

Quality first, always

EU B Class Standard

Atom series autoclaves meet EU B class standard, suitable for wrapped or unwrapped instruments, hollow A and hollow B types of instruments, implant instruments. It is designed for medical institutions such as dental clinic, ophthalmology clinic and operation rooms, where autoclaves are expected to meet high sterilization standards and fast cycle time.

Must have list for sterilization room:

“Atom series + conventional autoclave”

Fast and big capacity

Modern sterilization room needs both fast cycle time and big capacity. Atom series enable fast speed while conventional autoclave has bigger capacity. The combination of “Atom series + conventional autoclave” is perfect for meeting sterilization needs of modern clinics and is “(Essential) Must have list” for modern sterilization rooms.

Backup to each other

Atom series is a reliable backup for unexpected sterilization need. The 10L Atom series autoclave has almost the same effective sterilization capacity as conventional 18L round chamber autoclave. It can take over all of the sterilization work in case of emergency such as malfunction of existing conventional sterilizer and guarantee normal operation of the medical institution.

Imported Parts

  • German Vacuum Pump

German vacuum pump provides superior performance – vacuum level as low as – 0.92bar, and ensures fast speed, sufficient drying and sterilization quality.

  • Stainless Steel IPC Steam Generator

100% made of stainless steel and highly resistant to corrosion it is designed for generating pure steam and protect the instruments. Novel structure ensures both efficiency and steam quality.

  • Italian Industrial Solenoid Value

More reliable and durable compared to regular consumer level products.

  • German Temperature Sensor
  • American Press Sensor
  • German Liquid Level Sensor
  • Swiss Flowmeter

Atom Series Parameters

Model A10B
Vol 5L
Chamber Dimensions 210mm(W)x96mm(H)x327mm(D)
Device Dimensions 445mm(W)x175mm(H)x625mm(D)
Weight 37KG
Load 2.3kg Mental Instruments or 0.75kg Textile
Power 2000w
220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
Tray Dimensions 190mm(W)x23mm(H)x300mm(D) (2)

Hatmed A10B Atom Series Autoclave Brochure

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