Hatmed Large Capacity Water Cooling Autoclave


Large Capacity Water Cooling Autoclaves

Enlarging the sterilization capacity on top of the conventional autoclaves, 46L Autoclave can accommodate 16.7KG metal instruments, 330% of the capacity of 18L autoclave, perfect for multi-doctor practices, busy clinics, surgery centres and small hospitals.

Features & Advantages

Larger, Faster

Equipped with leading water cooling technology, large capacity autoclaves maintain fast speed while enlarging the capacity.


High Sterility Assurance Level

Powered by German water O-ring vacuum pump capable of reaching vacuum level as low as -0.96bar and passing the challenging Helix test, large capacity series autoclaves operate faster and guarantee high sterility assurance level even with large load quantities.


Extreme Dryness with full load

New generation of heating technology not only ensures the level of dryness for larger capacity, but also significantly shorten the time for dryness. Satisfied dryness is guaranteed even with full load of wrapped instruments or cotton textiles if loaded properly.


Safe and easy to operate

Automatic door: Large capacity series feature innovative automatic doors which open with just one touch, providing safe and easy experience.
Extra-large coloured LCD touch screen: Coloured LCD touch screen displays real time information of sterilization cycle including temperature, pressure in the chamber and elapsed time.


Multi protections, Safer and More Reliable

  • Mechanical temperature switch: Automatically power off when over temperature
  • Intelligent Temperature Control: Steam Generator stops heating up when over temperature ensuring safety as well as steam quality
  • Safety Valves: Dual safety valves for both steam generator and the sterilization chamber
  • Mechanical Emergency Door Switch: Emergency door switch at rear side, simple operation to open the door when necessary

Imported Parts

  • German Vacuum Pump

German vacuum pump provides superior performance – vacuum level as low as – 0.92bar, and ensures fast speed, sufficient drying and sterilization quality.

  • Stainless Steel IPC Steam Generator

100% made of stainless steel and highly resistant to corrosion it is designed for generating pure steam and protect the instruments. Novel structure ensures both efficiency and steam quality.

  • Italian Industrial Solenoid Value

More reliable and durable compared to regular consumer level products.

  • German Temperature Sensor
  • American Press Sensor
  • German Liquid Level Sensor
  • Swiss Flowmeter


Model: Q82B Q92B
Vol: 46L 55L
Screen: Coloured LCD 5.6 inch Touch Screen
Door Lock: Electrical Safety Lock
Device Dimensions: 583mm(W) x 480mm(H) x 920mm(D) 583mm(W) x 480mm(H) x 1020mm(D)
Chamber Dimensions: 319mm x 611mm 319mm x 711mm
Weight: 112.2kg 119.8 kg
Power: 220V/50HZ/4600W
Printer: External Printer(Optional)
Vacuum Level: -0.96bar
Residual Humidity: < 0.1%

Hatmed Q82B/Q92B Large Capacity Water Cooling Autoclaves Brochure

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