HydeOut – For Toxic Spills



Glutaraldehyde & OPA Neutraliser

A natural product for the safe neutralisation of hazardous waste generated
by glutaraldehyde & OPA

Convenient Safe Economical

Glutaraldehyde and OPA (ortho-Phthaladehyde) are high level disinfectants and manufacturers issue warnings about the use, storage, disposal and associated dangers caused by spills and splashes.

Even after use, Glutaraldehyde and OPA remain highly toxic.

Spills often occur when carrying the waste to the sink. Agitation caused by moving & pouring high evel disinfectants can increase their vapour concentrations by up to 2 to 3 times.

Many authorities throughout the world require that all aldehyde based high level disinfectant waste solutions and spills be neutralised prior to disposal.

The current Australian Exposure Standard for Glutaraldehyde is 0.1 ppm (ES-PEAK). USA 0.2 ppm.

Hyde-Out Protects the Operator

  • Rapid deactivation of Glutaraldehyde and OPA in 5 minutes.
  • Eliminates harmful and irritating vapours.
  • Removes these occupational hazards by neutralizint Glutaraldehyde & OPA into a passive, non-toxic solution.
  • All empty containers should be neutralised and rinsed prior to disposal.
  • The solution will change colour – clear to brown.

Hyde-Out Protects the Environment & Saves Water

  • Many overseas government departments and Councils demand the neutralisation of Glutaraldehyde & OPA prior to disposal via the sewer system or landfill.
  • In Australia most manufacturers suggest the toxic waste may be flushed into the drainage/sewer system using large or copious quantities of water. This mode of disposal can harm the environment by:* damaging the micro-organisms vital for the operation of treatment systems
    * wastes excessive quantities of a most precious resource – water.

Hyde-Out saves Water

Large volumes of water can be saved by neutralising the waste Glutaraldehyde or OPA solution with Hyde-Out prior to disposal down the sink.

Available in 40g sachet or 750g container (includes measuring scoop). 750g will neutralise approximately
21 Litres of a 2.1% Glutaraldehyde solution or 100 Litres of a 0.55% OPA solution.

Order information:

HO750 750g pack c/w measuring scoop
HO40-12 40g sachet (Box of 12)

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