iCardio View ECG for Apple Ipad IOS **Popular**


iCardioView ECG for Apple iPad iOS. The Apple iPad based ECG. Brilliant intuitive software with quick easy reports.

  • Simultaneous 12-Lead ECG 
  • Automatic Measurements and Interpretations 
  • Filters: Low Pass (different setting) 
  • Baseline Wander 
  • Motion Artifact 
  • Report: Blue Tooth Printer or PDF upload 
  • ECG Recorder Specification Sampling Rate: A/D: 24K SPS/Ch 
  • Recording: 1K SPS/Ch Patient Multi-Channel Synchronous A/D. 
  • Adult & Neonatal Mode 
  • Communication: Bluetooth

It’s more than an ECG Machine

You miss nothing

ECG Waves are in real HD here

It is with you

Your world is in your pocket

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