Midmark Newmed Class S Steriliser Autoclave S18 & S23

Introducing the Midmark Newmed Class S Steriliser Autoclave S18 & S23.  One of the world’s most advanced autoclaves.  The unit is designed for perfect sterilisation of your materials, thanks to the precise combination of vacuum, temperature and drying parameters.


European designed and built to the latest standards, the S Class series has been designed with a faster printer, faster door closer mechanism, improved data recording functions, reversible tray holders, a more intuiative user friendly interface and more intelligent diagnostics to simplify maintenance procedures.

A build in printer and the option of a data logger gives you the choice of recording sterilisation cycles ad easy archiving of data.

Available in 18 an 23 Litre capacity.


Some key features in detail…

1. Stylish

Our Italian design provides sleek, stylish lines, to enhance the look of even the parts of your surgery unvisited by patients, whilst maintaining easily wipeable surfaces for decontamination and integral data capture for effortless record keeping.

2. Leading Technology

Our experienced, forward thinking team of engineers have taken the opportunity to design a steriliser range with a faster printer, faster door closure mechanism, improved data recording functions, a more intuitive user interface and more intelligent diagnostics to simplify maintenance procedures and maximise uptime.

3. Reliable

Whether you use your steriliser all day every day or less frequently, the Midmark Newmed is the reliable, cost effective unit for your practice, processing unwrapped instruments for immediate use or pouched items which can be stored until required*

4. Maximise Uptime

Our highly trained network of engineers can provide validation services, technical support, on-going training for your practice staff, routine maintenance and service back-up for your steriliser, maximising uptime of this vital step in your instrument processing cycle.

5. Thermodynamics

Thanks to our first-rate combination of vacuum, pressure and temperature, the Midmark Newmed offers first class steam penetration into the load. The unit maximises steam to instrument contact and even temperature distribution, creating optimal conditions for sterilisation.

6. Maximise throughput and efficiency

We recognise that the steriliser is a crucial behind the scenes workhorse in your practice, providing a critical step in ensuring sterilised instruments are available on time for your next patient. Our speedy, pre- programmed cycles ensure rapid throughput and no bottlenecks in your instrument workflow.

 7. Water Options

Good quality steam can only be produced if good quality water is used in its generation. That’s why Midmark Newmed sterilisers offer a range of flexible water solutions to assist you in consistently feeding the unit with water of the desired quality. How you choose to fill and drain your unit is entirely up to you, depending on your throughput and proximity to services.

8. Your unit can be completely stand alone

In this instance you fill the internal reservoir using the integral self priming pump. This reduces manual handling and spillage risk during filling and the reservoir holds enough water for up to 10 cycles. There is also an internal tank which holds the dirty water until you are ready to empty it, again this is only necessary after several cycles.

9. Your unit can be permanently plumbed in

If you have your own treated water supply, you have the option to permanently plumb the unit in and connect to your practice drainage system. This further minimises the manual handling burden on your staff by eradicating the need to carry heavy water supplies to and from the steriliser .

10. Or you can combine the two

For example, Manual water feed, with a plumbed in drain or a plumbed in water feed and a manual drain.

Midmark Combine

10. Chamber Sizes

The Midmark Newmed standard 18L chamber is ideal for general dental use in small and medium sized practices. Alternatively, consider the longer chambered 23L version, which still sits comfortably on a standard work bench, but is perfect for higher throughput surgeries or for specialised implantology and orthodontic procedures, where larger kits are used.

11. Standards

We know your standards are high and so are ours.  All our sterilisers are manufactured to EN 13060 and CE marked in accordance with the Medical Devices Directive. For the UK, they also meet the requirements of the HTM 01-05 guidelines.


Download the Midmark Newmed Class S Steriliser Brochure







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