MIR Smart One Personal Spirometer / Peak Flow Meter


MIR Smart One Personal Spirometer | Peak Flow Meter – MIR9111000D10

The Smart One® is a low-cost, home spirometer offering a basic level of respiratory screening that utilises bluetooth technology to connect directly to a smartphone.

It is designed to be used as a self-monitoring tool for those with a respiratory condition or as a wellness product for the health conscious.

Using the free iPhone Smart One® app, you can record Peak Flow and FEV1 measurements in the comfort of your own home with the ability to send results electronically to your healthcare advisor.

You can input your age, origin, weight, height and sex in the settings menu which allows the app to calculate a target value and set pre-determined ranges for the traffic light health indicator. When you perform a peak flow test, the target value is displayed as an incentive.

Please note that this product is compatible with an apple & android devices

• Includes 10 Disposable Turbines
• Record Peak Flow and FEV1 measurements
• Bluetooth technology
• Free apple or android app
• Calculates individual target values
• 12 month warranty