Modus ESWT ® (Radial – Shockwave Therapy)

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Modus ESWT ® (Radial – Shockwave Therapy) with built-in compressor is an effective device with portable usage feature.

In our device, High Frequency Radial Shock Wave Treatment System Supported With a touch screen. It is ready to use in various treatment packages along with guiding the operator through visual and written treatment explanations.

Power Supply 220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz. 50 W
Fuses 2x1A, 230 VAC
Working principle Radial
Compressed Air Supply 1-5 Bar – Built-in Compressor
Frequency 1-22 Hz
Display TFT Touch Screen
Dimension (W-L-H) 320mm x 390mm x 120mm
Weight 10 kg
Memory Unlimited
Soft Applicator Technology YES
Applicators 7 Units
Warranty 24 Months
Handpiece 3 Million Shock Pulses

Graph of Radial Shock Waves (from S. McClure, Extracorporal Shock Wave Therapy, what, why, safety?)

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Download Modus ESWT ® (Radial – Shockwave Therapy)

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Effect of extracorporeal shock wave therapy on fracture healing in rat femural fractures with intact and excised periosteum

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