PlasClean- Medical & Dental Equiment Cleaner for Sensitive Materials **NEW**

PlasClean is a clinical detergent specially formulated for cleaning the most sensitive surfaces including plastics, vinyl, and rubber found on Dental Chairs, Respiratory Apparatus and beyond.


PlasClean is a clinical detergent formulated for cleaning all sensitive surfaces even the most sensitive plastics, vinyl and rubber

Applications include:

  • Dental Chairs
  • Podiatry Chairs
  • Treatment/Exam Beds.
  • Operation Tables.
  • Exam/Surgical lights
  • Medical Devices

PlasClean is also ideal for:

  • Connectors, Lines & Tubes
  • Ophthalmic Equipment
  • Training Manikins
  • Respiratory Apparatus such as Resuscitators, Masks Pumps & Nebulisers

Some Clinics become confused when cleaning their plastic instruments or equipment with various solutions. This confusion is magnified because certain Companies inform their representatives and Service Technicians to withdraw the warranty on their apparatus or equipment should the clinic use cleaning and disinfectant solutions other than their recommendations, which are usually a product that they sell.

It is to be remembered that the primary reason for cleaning Medical and Dental Instruments and Equipment is to remove the Bio-burden prior to using or sterilising / disinfecting.

Order information:

PLC5 PlasClean 5 litre
PLC500T PlasClean 500ml Office Dispenser – Spray Top (non-misting)
PLC500P PlasClean 500ml Office Dispenser – Pour Top

Product Downloads

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