PlasClean® Medical & Dental Equipment Cleaner for Sensitive Materials

PlasClean® is the clinical detergent that effectively cleans the most sensitive materials including plastic and rubber. PlasClean® is an exceptionally environmentally friendly product as it is formulated from advanced surfactants and sequestering agents that are made using renewable biological resources.



Applications include:

  • Dental Chairs,
  • Podiatry Chairs,
  • Treatment/Exam Beds,
  • Operation Tables,
  • Examination Lights,
  • Medical Devices.

PlasClean® is also ideal for:

  • Connectors, lines and tubes,
  • Ophthalmic equipment,
  • Training manikins,
  • Respiratory apparatus, such as resuscitators, masks, pumps and nebulisers.

Order Information:

PLC5 PlasClean® 5 Litre Container
PLC500T PlasClean® 500ml Office Dispenser – Spray Top
PLC500P PlasClean® 500ml Office Dispenser – Pour Top

Product Downloads:

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