Protein Rapid Swab Test


Curious about your protein level …

The EN-ISO-15883 standard is recommending a routine performance check of your washer disinfector.

Rather then checking the cleanliness of your instruments visually you can easily test it by checking the level of proteins.

The Protein Rapid Swab Test allows you to check the level of proteins left after washing disinfection on your instruments without any laboratory costs and within 5 seconds. The yellow swab will turn green when proteins are detected above 20 µg.

Reference Code Unit
906.003.0050 50 double swabs (100 tests)


✦ Detects 20 µg of proteins, well below the required 100 µg as per EN ISO 15883
✦ Easy to use, easy to interpret, no training required
✦ Very cost-effective in relation to laboratory tests
✦ No guesswork anymore by visual check but knowing for sure
✦ Quick test results: less than 5 seconds
✦ Non-toxic – safe to use – easy disposal.
✦ Calibrated test results
✦ Shelf-Life: 2 years after production date