RediClean – Pre-mixed Medical & Dental Surface & Equipment Cleaning Solution “UNTIL SOLD”

A highly effective, ready-to-use, surface and equipment cleaner specially formulated to comply with Standards AS/NZS 4187 & AS/NZS 4815 for Infection Control.


RediClean Features:

  • Highly effective Surface Cleaner (Clinical Detergent) for the removal of organic substances especially blood, proteins, fats & lipids.
  • No irritating or hazardous ingredients.
  • Safe to use on metal, plastic, vinyl ….. any non-porous surface.
  • Comes with a “mist” free applicator.

RediClean Advantages:

  • RediClean is not a concentrated, its ready to use.
  • No Measuring.
  • No Mixing.
  • It’s that simple.

Order information:

RC500S 6 pack complete with mist free applicator
RC500R 6 pack refill, no applicator

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