Seal Checker


Release your Heat Sealer for the day…

The ISO-11607 standard is specifying a routine, daily check of your heat sealers at the beginning of the day. A way to perform the test required and to document which sealer, which day, which person did perform the test and to easily show results of your heat sealer capacity of properly heat seal your pouch the Sterintech Seal Checker is a very convenient aid.

When place inside a pouch and sealed the sealed area will be darker and can as such be easily read whether the seal is consistent, regular and completely without any gaps etc.

Reference Code Unit
904.002.0250 250 sheets


✦ Dimensions: 175 x 75 mm.
✦ Suitable for for all rotary heat sealers.
✦ Can be fully recycled.
✦ Conforms to ISO 11607-2

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