Shield Plus – Advanced UV Light Curing Protector **NEW**

$49.00 $35.00


Multi-functional light cure protective shield.

Protect your eyes from any photochemical burn from UV light/ blue light of the curing light.

Perform closer dental examinations by magnifying cracked teeth and treatment site with the two magnifiers, relieving eyes from fatigue.

Small magnifier – high magnification to view anterior teeth:

  • Focal length is around 40mm

Big magnifier – low magnification to view posterior teeth:

  • Focal length is around 80mm

Use of magnifiers and illuminating the posterior teeth and/or back of anterior teeth with a curing light or intra-oral light makes it easier to find invisible micro cracks or areas requiring treatment.

Smart Design: The Shield Plus is designed to have a higher outer edge than the surface of the product, preventing the the surface from touching the floor and getting scratched.


Product Code: NB11-015