Sterilisation Tracking – Labels (3 lines)


3 Line Gun Labels

The Sterintech three line label gun is reliable, easy to use and durable. It will serve for years of intensive usage. Sterintech double labels for three line label guns are available with all type of sterilization indicators as well as a variety of colours. Coloured labels are used to assist FIFO systems as well as easy recognition of sterile goods for a certain department.
Often the combination of a double label gun label and normal tape is a more cost-effective solution than steam tapes only. Next to that they offer better readable data and prevent writing errors.


• Process Indicators (Steam, FO, EtO, Plasma) conform to
ISO 11140 – 1 class 1.
• Clear transition of indicator colour change.
• Easy to use label gun
• Double labels make traceability and documentation, easy.
• Non-Toxic / Lead Free indicators
• Latex free label materials

Sterintech double label gun labels are standard available as follows. Label of any configuration to suit any labelling system.

Reference Code Unit
603.101.9000 9 000 labels (12 rolls of 750)
603.102.9000 9 000 labels (12 rolls of 750)