Sterin-Trace: The Ultimate Sterilizer Record & Tracking System

The Sterin-Trace System has been developed to comply with the AS/NZS 4815 & ISO 13683 for the “Patient to Process” tracking of instruments & devices.


The Sterin-Trace Sterilizer Record & Tracking System is designed to provide a simple method of record keeping & “Patient to Process” trace-ability of devices & instruments in the modern office based practice.

Sterin-Trace uses a simple intuitive check list that creates a reliable audit trail & enables the operator to record:

1. Sterilizer cycles
2. Process Expiry Date
3. Steam Penetration Test (Bowie-Dick)
4. Daily Test
5. Registered Authorised Operator
6. Patient
7. Maintenance Records


• Record keeping is the evidence that the practice has performed & monitored all stages of the sterilisation process.
• To comply with, AS/NZS 4187, AS/NZS 4815 & ISO 13683 the practice must maintain “Patient to Process” tracking of instruments & devices.
• Responsibility lies with the practice management to ensure all the cleaning & sterilization processes are performed & recorded.

The implementation of the Sterin-Trace Quality System within the practice will:

• Provide a legal reference should a challenge occur.
• Reduce the risk to patients.
• Minimize the chance of non sterile items being used.


Batching will link your sterile product from the process to the patient. This is easily achieved by using twin layer “piggy back” process labels. This process label is attached to the item or pack, then peeled off & placed onto the patient notes or card when used. An extra label should be processed & placed on the sterilizer record sheet.
Individual operators should have an ID number. Where a practice has multiple sterilizers then each sterilizer should have its own ID number which is linked to all daily validations.


The Sterin-Trace Label acts as an indicator – Type 4 (turns from Violet to Green), identifying items that have been through the steam sterilisation process.
The Label will show: • Sterilizer Number • Cycle Number • Process Date • Expiry date • Operator.


There is no point keeping rolls of Autoclave “print out” streamers in a manner that prevents prompt retrieval. Using the Sterin-Trace System each sterilizer cycle “print out” is attached to the back page of the appropriate section of the Sterin-Tace Sterilizer Record System.

The Sterintech three line label gun is reliable, easy to use and durable. It will serve for years of intensive usage. Sterintech double labels for three line label guns are available with all type of sterilization indicators as well as a variety of colours. Coloured labels are used to assist FIFO systems as well as easy recognition of sterile goods for a certain department.
Often the combination of a double label gun label and normal tape is a more cost-effective solution than steam tapes only. Next to that they offer better readable data and prevent writing errors.


• Process Indicators (Steam, FO, EtO, Plasma) conform to ISO 11140 – 1 Type 4
• Clear transition of indicator colour change.
• Easy to use label gun
• Double labels make traceability and documentation, easy.
• Non-Toxic / Lead Free indicators
• Latex free label materials

Two lines … but it carries all information

REF: 602.002.0001 Two line label gun