Sterintech™ Bowie & Dick Test Pack



SP Medikal Ltd is dedicated to the development and production of Sterility Assurance Products in accordance to the latest standards and requirements.

SP Medikal has over 30 years of experience in sterilization and their brand is well known in Europe, Middle East and Asia. The Devices, indicators, tapes and labels are all designed to the requirements of the CSSD. (Central SterileSupply Department) or Clinic. The Sterility Assurance Products can be categorized into 3 groups:
– Tests and Indicators
– Tracking Systems (Labels ans Applicators)
– Packs, Wraps and Seals

All products are manufactured to comply with the relative Standard (both European and Australian) and are TGA listed.


Bowie & Dick Test Pack

REF: 102.001.0020 Unit: 20 pieces

The test pack is used to monitor pre-vacuum, steam terilizers.
All Steam Sterilizers are obliged to be tested and pass the
Bowie & Dick test daily, prior to being used for any cycle.


  • Complies to of EN 285 and ISO 17665
  • Conforms with ISO 11140 – 1 class 2
  • Independently Performance Tested.
  • Changes from clear yellow – black colour
  • Easy to interpret – Easy to document – Non-Toxic / Lead Free
  • The Bowie & Dick test will detect air leaks, insufficient vacuum, inadequate steam penetration.

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