Sterintech™ Emulator – Type 6 Indicators

Effective and successful sterilisation of instruments is critical…. Testing every batch is important.  The Sterintech Type 6 Emulator (Indicator) does just this…place it in every load and know what the result is. No more guessing.


The Emulator with a big plus…

Emulators are critical to test the effectiveness of the sterilisation process produced by an autoclave. Infection Control is critical – Every batch its critical.


  • Shelf life: 5 years after production.
  • Steam emulator conform to ISO 11140 – Type 6.
  • Clear colour transition from Blue into Pink.
  • Chemical emulator covered with lacquer.
  • Non-Toxic / Lead Free.

The Emulator with a big plus ..

The Sterintech™ Sequential Emulators give the operator more information about the sterilization process than the standard class 6 indicator. This is because the one strip has three indicators each calibrated to an individual time/steam combination that will identify any malfunction during the process

REF: 106.003.0250 Sequential Emulator 134°C-3,5 min Unit: 250 pieces
REF: 106.007.0250 Sequential Emulator 134°C-7,0 min Unit: 250 pieces

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