STETCLEAN – Mobile Stethoscope Disinfection **NEW**

The world’s first wearable automatic device for stethoscope disinfection, specifically designed to ensure security and deep hygiene to patients thanks to the action of UV-C LED.


STETCLEAN: The 4 in 1 Solution

Recent scientific data demonstrate that only 10-20% of sanitary personnel disinfect the stethoscope before using it on each patient, and at each visit. Though, stethoscope contamination from microorganisms increases exponentially between one patient and the next, and, consequently, the possibility of contracting infectious illnesses is very high. A realistic estimate shows that 5%-7% of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) can be attributed to the use of the stethoscope.
Stet Clean is an effective and efficient solution to all these issues because:

PREVENTS countering and neutralizing the spread of infections bacterial/virus caused by the contamination of the stethoscope.

DISINFECTS through the physical action of the UV-C rays, which eliminate pathogenic microorganisms without the use of any health damaging chemical substance.

SIMPLIFIES promotes a natural change of the daily actions and adoption of the proper habits of hygienic practices.

IS ECOLOGICAL it does not use chemical substances or produce toxic waste.


Benefits for Healthcare Facilities and Patients:

▪ Lowers the risk of health complications.

▪ Contributes to the risk management of the problem of HAI.

▪ Diminishes the economic risks which result from the treatment of potential infections.

▪ Provides a distinctive image of medical care to patients.

▪ Stimulates healthcare professionals in the practice of good hygiene.

▪ Customizable.

▪ Economical to use and maintain

Benefits to Doctors:

▪ Guarantees constant disinfection with each use.

▪ Innovative image thanks to the use of advanced technology.

▪ All-in-one solution (portability, long battery life, simple to recharge).

▪ No interference with the daily routine (easy to use).

Technological Features:

▪ Device with innovative LED UV-C technology ▪ Automatic double level of treatment: 3 minutes for standard disinfection plus 2 minutes for deeper disinfection ▪ Automatic activation with placement of the stethoscope ▪ Double control system – optical sensor and mechanical – for activation in operational safety ▪ Microprocessors control irradiation and security ▪ Body in special polycarbonate ▪ Light weight (100 grams) and pocket sized ▪ Operation light indicator: treatment ongoing, treatment complete, low battery, malfunction ▪ Rechargeable battery with standard micro USB cable ▪ High battery autonomy ▪ Disinfection time adjustable to LED UV efficiency.

Usability always within reach…

Stet Clean was conceived to always follow the stethoscope in all its possible uses.Stet Clean was specifically created to fit in the shirt pockets of professionals who use it, and thanks to its light weight, portability and small size, it can be fit comfortably into a briefcase or be used on the desk of the medical studio.

LED UV-C: Effective in just few minutes….

STET CLEAN, thanks to a cutting-edge technology, is one of the first device in the world to employ germicidal LED UV.
For the first time, the innovation introduced by STET CLEAN revolutionizes the practices linked with the use of the most common medical instrument through application of LED UV-C technology.
The action of STET CLEAN begins immediately, as soon as it comes in contact with the stethoscope, thanks to the emission of a specific length of the UV-C wave that deactivates the DNA of all microorganisms.
The unique, patented, geometric configuration of the Stet Clean® cone allows the membrane of the stethoscope to be efficiently disinfected.
Laboratory trials have shown how in just 60 seconds the Stet Clean® technology is able to deactivate 85.5% of E. Faecalis, 87.5% of S. Aureus, 94.3% of E. Coli, and 94.9% of P. Aeruginosa (AJIC – American Journal of Infection Control); increased exposure times guarantee even higher levels of disinfection (more than 99%).

Wide Stethoscope Applicability

STET CLEAN can be used with most Stethoscopes as it will encapsulate a head diameter of between 46.5 and 47.4mm.


STETCLEAN is TGA Listed and CE marked

CE Mark

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