STETCLEAN: Mobile Stethoscope Sanitisation


The first wearable automatic device for the disinfection of the stethoscope, specifically designed to ensure security and deep hygiene to patients thanks to the action of UV-C LED.


Recent scientific data demonstrates that only 10-30% of personnel sanitizes the stethoscope head piece prior to use on the next patient.* Stethoscope contamination from micro-organisms increases exponentially with multiple use and consequently the potential of transmitting infections is very high.*

A realistic estimate indicates that 5-7% of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) and Clinic Acquired Infections (CAI) can be attributed to the use of the stethoscope.

STETCLEAN is an effective and efficient solution to all these issues.

PREVENTS the spread of infectious micro-organisms by contaminated stethoscopes.

SANITISES using UV-C light, which eliminates pathogenic micro-organisms.

SIMPLIFIES the sanitation procedure through the adoption of a simple hygienic practice.

ECO FRIENDLY no chemicals or toxic waste.

Benefits for Healthcare Facilities and Patients:

  • Economical the STETCLEAN has a life of 50,000 uses, this equates to approximately A$0.008 cent per Application (10 years min). Not much for peace of mind.
  • Lowers the risk of health complications.
  • Contributes to the risk management of the problem of HAI and CAI.
  • Reduces the economic risks which result from the treatment of potential infections.
  • Provides an image of “We care” to all patients.
  • Stimulates healthcare professionals in the practice of good hygiene.

Benefits To Doctors:

  • Guarantees constant sanitation with each use.
  • Creates an “Innovative image” of the clinical staff for using advanced technology.
  • Complete solution (Portability, long life battery, simple recharge).
  • Does not interfere with the daily routine (easy to use and adopt).

LED UV-C: Hygiene in just few minutes….

STETCLEAN is one one of the first devices in the world to employ proven germicidal LED UV-C sanitation. CE Mark and TGA listed.

The innovation introduced by STETCLEAN revolutionizes the sanitation procedure for the most used medical instrument in the world – the stethoscope – with the application of LED UV-C technology.

The sanitation action of STETCLEAN begins immediately, as soon as the UV-C contacts the stethoscope. This is achieved by the emission of a programmed frequency of UV-C. The UV-C light deactivates the DNA of all micro-organisms.  The unique, patented geometric configuration of the STETCLEAN cone allows the membrane of the stethoscope to be efficiently sanitation.

Please Note:  Laboratory trials have shown how in just 60 seconds the STETCLEAN technology commences to deactivate 85.5% of E. faecalis. 87.5% of S. aureus, 94.3% of E. coli, and 94.9% of P. aeruginosa (AJIC – American Journal of Infection Control; increased exposure times guarantee even higher levels of sanitation – more than 99%)

Technological Features:

  • Device with innovative LED UV-C technology
  • Automatic double level of treatment: 3 minutes for standard sanitation plus 2 minutes for deeper sanitation
  • Automatic activation with placement of the stethoscope
  • Double control system – optical sensor and mechanical – for activation in operational safety
  • Microprocessors control irradiation and security
  • Body in special polycarbonate
  • Light weight (100 grams) and pocket sized
  • Operation light indicator: treatment ongoing, treatment complete, low battery, malfunction
  • Rechargeable battery with standard micro USB cable
  • High battery autonomy
  • Sanitation time adjustable to LED UV efficiency.

Sanitation within reach…

STETCLEAN was specifically designed to fit in the pockets of those who use stethoscopes but because of the light weight and portability it can also be transported in a briefcase or used on the desk.

Wide Stethoscope Application

STETCLEAN can be used with most Stethoscopes. The STETCLEAN will encapsulate a chest piece with a  diameter of between 46.5 and 47.4mm. Most quality stethoscopes have this dimension. E.g. Littman, Liberty.

A List of these brands and models are listed in the download: “A list of stethoscope brands with the required chest piece dimensions”

STETCLEAN is TGA Listed and CE marked

Brochures/Information Sheet:

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