STETCUBE The first desktop appliance for stethoscope disinfection


The stethoscope is the most used medical device on earth. Despite this statistic only 10-30% of clinical personnel attempt to clean or disinfectant between patient use. *

This neglect exponentially increases the contamination on the chest piece that remains after every use. Consequently, the potential of transmitting infectious micro-organisms is real. *

A recent survey shows that 5%-7% of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) and Clinic Acquired Infections (CAI) can be attributed to the use of the stethoscope.

The first desktop apparatus that will disinfect a stethoscope.

Designed to ensure hygiene and assist in the eradication of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) and Clinic Acquired Infections (CAI). Thanks to the Innovative use of UV-C

STETCUBE is a small innovative UV-C disinfection cube, designed for easy use and constant access by doctors and healthcare professionals.

STETCUBE has a life of 50,000 uses, this equates to approximately A$0.008 cent per application (10 years min).  Not much for peace of mind.

STETCUBE is light (100 gm) and has a small footprint that makes it perfect for use on the desk. A bracket is also supplied that permits the cube to be attached to a hospital trolley or wall mounted.



  • Innovative UV-C LED technology.
  • Automatic double level of treatment: 3 minutes for standard disinfection, 2 minutes more for a deeper disinfection.
  • Compatible with every stethoscope type and dimension (paediatric, neonatal, cardiology.
  • Microprocessor for irradiation and security controls.
  • Special polycarbonate body.
  • Status light indicator: ongoing treatment, treatment complete, low battery, or malfunction.
  • Rechargeable battery with standard micro USB cable.
  • High battery autonomy.


  • After opening the cover, position the stethoscope into the cone inside the box, being careful to lock it by the hooks upwards and downwards.
  • The treatment begins automatically when the cover is closed. The LED activation is indicated by a blinking blue light indicates the disinfecting process is in progress.
  • Automatic shutdown occurs at the end of the complete five (5) minute treatment cycle.
  • Instantaneous automatic shutdown of the process occurs if the cover is opened at any time.
  • Complete specifications and instructions are supplied with each unit.

STETCUBE is TGA Listed  and CE marked


Download the STETCUBE Brochure

Download the STETCLEAN/STETCUBE Brochure

Download Stethoscope Hygiene – Healthcare Acquired Infection

Watch STETCLEAN and STETCUBE: UV-C LEDs for stethoscope disinfection video



* Contamination of Stethoscopes and Physicians’ Hands After a Physical Examination. Mayo Clinic 2014. Yves Longtin, MD. et al

* A new UV-LED device for disinfection of stethoscope membranes. University of Siena. American Journal of Infection Control


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