TIDI Assemble ‘N Go™ Eye Shields


EyeShield™ by TIDI
Style, Comfort, Distortion-free

EyeShield™ has an optical-grade lens that curves around the face to maximize protection to the front and sides of the eyes. This protective eye shield guards against infection from the splash and splatter of blood-borne pathogens and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM), including N1H1 flu and other pandemic threats. TGA approved ARTG No. 180658.

EyeShield™ Features

  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable – weighs only 9.5 grams!
  • “Wraparound” design provides both front and side eye protection
  • Available in two separate components (lens and frame)
  • Optical grade, fog-resistant anti-static replacement shields available in clear, UV-tinted and amber-tinted (blue-light absorbent)
  • Reusable frames available in 10 stylish colours – Pink, Blue, Purple, Red, Yellow, Light Green, Green, Dark Green, Black & White
  • Latex-free
  • Fits comfortably with a surgical mask and over prescription eyewear
  • Patented design
  • Separately available replacement frames and lenses for maximized cost effective replenishment
  • Meets the requirements for both OSHA and EEC mandates

Order information:

Assemble N’ Go™ Eyeshields and Frames
MEOP Office Pack – Contains: 10 Frames, 25 Clear Lenses
MEF-10 Frames Replacement pack of 10 (10 colours available)
M9211-100 Frames Replacement pack of 100
M9210-50 Lenses Refill pack of 50

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