TIDI Grab ‘N Go™ Eye Shields


TIDI Grab ‘N Go™ Eye Shields

Ready to wear at Point-of-Use for Quick Donning

  • The TIDI Grab ‘n G™ Eye Shields Dispenser is a proprietary dispensing system designed to be mounted at point-of-use for easy access.
  • Recommended to be mounted where you dispense masks and/or gloves.
  • Each dispenser contains 25 fully-assembled, disposable TIDI Grab ‘n Go ™ Eye Shield  (4 dispensers per case).
  • Plastic dispenser holder (separate) can be easily mounted to the wall either with 2 screws or with no holes using 3M™ Command™ Strips.
  • Can also be placed on shelf, if wall mount not applicable.

order information:

Grab ‘N Go™ Eye Shields
9210A-100 25 assembled disposable eye shields per dispenser (4 boxes of 25)