Ultrawave Q Series


 The  “Q Series” – Incorporating – “Frequency Leap Technology”

Ultrawave’s QS5 offers repeatable and traceable cleaning performance for a wide range of industries. Incorporating Frequency Leap Technology, the Q-Series provides excellent ultrasonic activity with ease of operation. The memory card port allows traceability of cycle number, time and temperature to be stored onto your PC. Ultrawave’s Q-Series baths allow accurate cycle parameter control and effective cleaning performance for all applications.

A heated ultrasonic bath with an easily operated digital time and temperature control, the QS5 capacity tank and is supplied complete with a stainless steel basket and ABS plastic lid.

Frequency Leap Technology – The “Q Series”

Using advanced software and a modified ultrasonic action, Ultrawave’s Frequency Leap technology gives improved ultrasonic performance over conventional, fixed frequency ultrasonics.

Frequency Leap technology creates a pseudo-random leaping action between a wider frequency range, reducing the standing waves to give improved cleaning performance time after time.

Improved cleaning performance

  • Reduced dead spots and standing waves, increasing the ultrasonic activity within the tank
  • More homogenous cavitational activity throughout the tank means a more consistent cleaning action
  • Improved instrument and component cleaning cycle after cycle
  • Faster, more effective cleaning results

Product Downloads

Download Ultrawave Q Series Brochure