Wi-Fi Dermatoscope 5mpixel Polarised Filter (FEDMEDMICFIP5M) **NEW**

FedMedMicFiP, with polarised filter, is a small and portable digital dermatoscope with Wi-Fi transmission. Using proper SW and Apps you can take pictures and video using PC, smartphones or tablets.


 FEDMEDMICFIP5M allows to take 5Mpixel HIGH RESOLUTION images via USB!

Magnification 5x~200x


  • Wi-Fi Digital DERMATOSCOPE
  • CD with Wifi Mic-Fi / USB Mic-Fi software + user manual
  • USB AC adapter
  • USB cable
  • Quick manual
  • Transparent Caps
  • Plastic Stand
  • Line Calibration Ruler

Medical Mic-Fi Dermatoscope Class I 93/42/CE.

Download this free Medical App Mic-Fi, the best way to view, save images and videos with digital Wi-Fi medical devices Mic-Fi.

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