ZeoMed – Biohazard Spill Kit

ZeoMed provides a complete, quick compliant response solution for general and body fluid spills. The most common types of body fluid spills that occur in the workplace, at home or in public domains are vomit, blood, faeces and urine.


A Well Designed Spill Kit Is Highly Recommended

  • All blood and body fluid spills should be dealt with immediately.
  • The use of protective clothing worn over a uniform or work clothing (e.g. apron, gloves, face
    mask etc.) will avoid undue contamination
  • when exposed to blood or body fluids. The ZeoMed Biohazard Spill Kit is designed with the staff in mind and will minimise the risk of potential infection that may occur in the workplace.

Multiple uses

The ZeoMed Biohazard Spill Kit is useful for medical practices, dental practices, clinics, ambulance services, first-aid rooms, hospital wards, and nursing homes. Also appropriate for schools, sports facilities, home health care settings and the general work place.

What the Kit Includes

  • 1 x face mask
  • 1 x Gloves – single use
  • 1 x ZeoMed super absorbent powder
  • 1 x scoop and scraper
  • 2 x cleaning cloths
  • 2 x clinical waste bags with ties
  • 1 x clinical detergent

Saves Time and Simplifies The Procedure

When an emergency spill occurs, kits save time because there is no frantic search for a disposable gown, gloves & clinical detergent etc. It is all available in the one handy kit.

Easy to handle

The ZeoMed super absorbent powder solidifies the blood/body fluid and renders a mass that is safe and easy to handle.

Refill kits available

Maintain a backup refill kit or order immediately after use.

“All Health care establishments should have a management system in place for dealing with blood/body fluid spills. Protocols for spills management should be included in Procedure Manuals and highlighted in ongoing education and training programs. A Biohazard Spill Kit permits prompt, safehandling, removal and disposal of potentially contaminated bloodl6ody fluid spills. ”

“This product has been approved by AGPAL as appropriate in assisting practices in accreditation”

Order information:

MZBSK ZeoMed Bio Hazard Spill Kit
MZBSR ZeoMed Bio Hazard Spill Kit – refill or single use
MZ006 ZeoMed 200 g sachets (25 sachets per carton)


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